Corporate Design

Considering how much time the average Indian spends working in an office, our approach to office interior design combines the comforts of home with today’s most technologically advanced design to create spaces that are as practically decorated as they are functional. From an entire floor of individual workstations designed to house a team of staff to a host of multi-use spaces that easily convert from meeting room to lunch room to remote conference room all in the course of a day, we work through every step of the process with the client to design a space that meets both their budget and today’s high demands for office interior design.

In order to ensure the most practical design as well as the best value, the Divine interior design team works with the industry’s best to provide the finest in furnishings, from new construction to the most detailed decorative finish. Regardless of how big a project may be, we work a crafty hand on every detail, ensuring the latest and most innovative materials and furnishings are being used, down to every last desk chair. Our commitment to environmentally-friendly design, is the measure that finds us sourcing sustainable materials and making creative use of space to ensure an efficient setup.